The Team

The core team members have known each other for three decades and the complete gang brings 237 years of roleplaying experience into this project. Yet, all of them have their regular professions and this project, strangely, would not have happened without Covid.

During the first dreadful year of perpetual lockdowns, Ben saw a window of opportunity to fulfil a long-desired and very secret plan: to start a role-playing project with Melina. As her profession was very much affected by the worldwide regulations, Melina all of a sudden had plenty of free time on her hand. As Dante put it: „In the middle of the journey of our life she came to herself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost.“ But a new path opened, as Ben hired Melina to write an adventure for D&D.
And so an exciting voyage began and what was planned as a short story, turned into a veritable saga!

These are the protagonists, located in Germany, France and the USA: